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Government's new Plan for Public Procurement cites that Catering Mark holders will generally score good or excellent against the Plan's recommendations. Read more, and get in touch to find out how this can help you when pitching for new public sector contracts.

It is widely recognised that the service of good hospital food is an integral part of good patient care; a better diet is known to improve patient outcomes and public health, delivering multiple benefits for hospitals and their patients.

The Catering Mark is an independently audited framework for hospitals to take steps to improve the food they serve to patients, staff and visitors. The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards provide an independent endorsement that food is fresh, trustworthy and traceable, and free from harmful additives and trans fats.

Over 30,000 meals are served to Catering Mark Standards in hospitals and care settings every day.

The importance of providing good, nutritious hospital food for patients has been highlighted by NHS England's 2014/15 key guidance for commissioners and care providers. The guidance now includes a new hospital food goal (the Hospital Food CQUIN Exemplar), and cites the Catering Mark as a way to raise food standards.

“Our Silver Catering Mark provides reassurance to patients that meals are of the highest quality and provenance.” Simon Wood, North Bristol NHS Trust

"Patient satisfaction jumped to 92 per cent just two months after the new menus were introduced". Andreas Wingert, Circle, Hinchingbrooke Hospital

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