It’s gonna be a bun fight: The Big Bread Debate

21 September 2012

In the week that the Advertising Standards Authority declared an industrial baker using a photo of hands kneading dough to advertise its factory loaves was not misleading, the Real Bread Campaign and the Soil Association host The Cake & Bake Show’s debate.

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Andrew Webb, the debate starts in the Earl's Court event’s bakery theatre at 4pm on Sunday 23 September. With An Honest Crust? as its theme, topics will include:

  • Do you believe that everything that goes into a loaf should appear on the wrapper or shelf label?
  • What hidden costs might lie behind the low till price of an industrial 'value' loaf?
  • Should there be legal definitions for bread-related terms including 'artisan', 'craft', 'freshly-baked', 'sourdough', ‘wholegrain’ and even 'bread'?

The panel will include Judges' Bakery and Green & Blacks founder Craig Sams, and experts from the Campaign. The major supermarkets and the ‘Big Three’ industrial bakers have been invited to send representatives to balance the panel. Visitors are invited to contribute more questions at stand 168 throughout the weekend and during the debate.

Doughmongering dons

Making good on the show organiser’s promise that the weekend would not be just about cupcakes, the event is studded with demonstrations and talks from Real Bread experts. Campaign ambassadors and members helping visitors to get more out of their loaf life include:

  • Paul Barker: Cinnamon Square
  • Richard Bertinet: The Bertinet Kitchen and Bakery, Dough and Crust
  • Aidan Chapman: The Phoenix Bakery, The Soulful Baker
  • Duncan Glendinning: The Thoughtful Bread Company, Bread Revolution
  • Tom Herbert: Hobbs House Bakery, The Fabulous Baker Brothers
  • Patrick Ryan: The Firehouse Bakery and Bread School, Bread Revolution
  • Ben Mackinnon: The E5 Bakehouse
  • Patrick Moore: More? Artisan

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