Catering Mark frozen meals consultation launches

15 April 2013

The Soil Association is consulting on whether frozen hospital and community meals could achieve the Food for Life Catering Mark (Catering Mark). We’d like to hear your views on whether meals served in these settings only where no proper kitchens are available could meet the Catering Mark Standards.

This follows an initial consultation, which ended in February 2013, that highlighted a limited number of settings which could benefit from achieving the Catering Mark for frozen meals where there are no proper facilities to prepare meals on site.

Under its aim of good food for all, the Soil Association believes in encouraging the best possible food for those who need it most.  Therefore we are proposing to adapt the Catering Mark Standards to permit frozen meals in hospitals and community meals settings only where no proper on site kitchens are available.

We are also asking whether frozen Catering Mark hospital and community meals should always be served with fresh ingredients prepared on site, such as vegetables or salad. We would like to find out what people think is an acceptable distance for a frozen meal to travel and whether the Catering Mark should also include more specific standards to provide support for people to eat well.

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