Bronze Catering Mark Standards

The Bronze Catering Mark Standards are fixed. These focus on removing harmful additives and trans fats from the menu, and ensuring that the majority of food on the menu is prepared freshly on site.

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Bronze Standards

  • No undesirable additives or trans fats
  • At least 75% of dishes are freshly prepared from unprocessed ingredients
  • Meat is from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards
  • Eggs are from cage-free hens
  • Menus are seasonal and in-season produce is highlighted
  • Catering staff are supported with skills training in fresh food preparation and the Catering Mark
  • No GM ingredients are used*
  • Free drinking water is prominently available
  • No fish is served from the (MCS) ‘fish to avoid’ list
  • Information is on display about food provenance
  • All suppliers have been verified to ensure they apply appropriate food safety standards
  • Caterers in schools and academies, early years and residential care settings and hospitals can demonstrate their compliance with national standards or guidelines on food and nutrition
  • Menus provide for all dietary and cultural needs

* this standard cannot guarantee that meat is from animals fed on GM-free feeds, as most non-organic meat, eggs and dairy products come from animals that may be fed on GM animal feed.

Read your new sector-specific Handbook

You can use your Handbook as an online resource, or you can download and print your own. Have a look at your Handbook below:

We have made some changes to the standards numbers - download a summary of these changes below:

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