The Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards provide an independent endorsement that food providers are taking steps to improve the food they serve, using fresh ingredients which are free from harmful additives and better for animal welfare.

Our Standards are set by an independent Standards Committee, which is made up of industry experts from a wide range of sectors.

  • The Bronze Catering Mark has fixed Standards. These focus on removing harmful additives, trans fats and GM from the menu, and ensuring that the majority of food on the menu is prepared freshly on site. 
  • The Silver and Gold Standards are assessed on a points system, which rewards every pound spent on ethical, environmentally friendly and local ingredients. 

Find out which Standards you are meeting before you apply by reading the Catering Mark Standards Manual.

Changes to the Catering Mark Standards

Catering Mark holders will now be aware of changes to the Catering Mark Standards. These amendments are based on responses to two consultations, which took place between December 2012 and April 2013. All Catering Mark holders were invited to take part in both consultations.

We aim to give you plenty of time for implementation of these changes. All changes and implementation dates are included in the new edition of the Catering Mark Standards Manual (v 2.0). Please ensure that you refer to this version of the Manual in future.

Supplier Members need to be aware of the upcoming changes to ensure they continue to provide products which meet the Standards.

Any changes to the Standards are established through a set process led by our independent Catering Mark Standards Committee.

If you have questions please contact your Certification Officer. If you're unsure who your contact is please get in touch: 0117 914 2411,

Read a summary of the amendments and new standards.


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