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This year’s People and Planet Green League criteria scores the Catering Mark in a new way. If you would like more information, or help with working out your score contact Suzi on 0117 914 2434 or sshingler@soilassocation.org.

Students are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from. Universities and colleges are in a unique position to provide environmentally friendly food to a receptive audience and reinforce a longer-term change in buying and eating habits.

Thousands of meals are served to Catering Mark Standards in 36 universities every day, providing reassurance to students and staff that the food they are eating meets high standards of traceability, provenance and freshness. Over 1000 police were eating bronze Catering Mark meals during the 2014 NATO summit at their base at the University of South Wales!

Achieving the Catering Mark will put you in the best position to meet the growing demand for fresh, traceable and trustworthy food. The video below shows the impact of the Catering Mark at the University of Arts, in London

Catering Video - Short Version from SokFok Studio on Vimeo.

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 Where are we now?

  • Over 6,500 schools

  • 300 nurseries

  • Working with 30+ universities

  • 75% of London Boroughs

  • 8 hospitals

  • 40% of English Primary schools


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