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"The Catering Mark has become an industry standard" Mark Davies, ISS Education 

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The Catering Mark provides an independent endorsement that food providers are taking steps to improve the food they serve, using fresh ingredients which are free from trans fats and harmful additives, and better for animal welfare

Caterers are audited to ensure they meet high standards of provenance and traceability, providing reassurance to customers that meals are freshly prepared using environmentally-sustainable and seasonal ingredients. 

One third of our calories are now eaten outside of the home. There is a growing awareness of the link between good food, health, academic attainment and the environment. As people become more concerned about where their meals come from, the Catering Mark can help you meet demands for traceable, sustainable, healthy food.

The Catering Mark has been recognised by Defra's Plan for Public Procurement as a tool to help procurers identify best practice. The scheme is also cited by NHS England and the Department for Education as a framework to improve the food served in hospitals and schools.


Whether you serve food in hospitals, care settings, workplaces, schools, universities, nurseries, visitor attractions or other venues,  the Catering Mark can help you to improve your food whilst reducing costs, engaging your catering staff, and adding value to your catering offer. 


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1 million Catering Mark meals are served each weekday - that's over 178 million each year!

Where are we now?

  • Over 8,000 schools

  • 300 nurseries

  • Working with 30+ universities

  • 75% of London Boroughs

  • 30 hospitals

  • 30% of English schools

  • 8 Scottish authorities for their school meals


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