Case studies

We are working with pioneering caterers who are serving Catering Mark meals in over 6,000 UK sites. Below are some case studies for each sector to help you draw on their inspirational examples and find out how just how they did it.

Brighton and Hove City Council have set minimum buying standards for all catering contracts, based on the Bronze Catering Mark Standards. All food providers are encouraged to follow the standards whilst the major contracts with a value over £75,000 are required to apply for Bronze award within the first year of their contract.


Busy Bees is the UK's largest childcare provider, and has achieved Bronze for 212 nurseries

Catering Mark in the workplace

Pearson was the first FTSE100 company to achieve the Catering Mark for it's staff canteens

School caterers

Bailey's Catering Ltd, Warwickshire, Gold Award holders where innovation is at the heart of the matter

Harrison Catering Services have achieved Silver for Harrogate Ladies' College

Eden Foodservice have achieved Silver for all of their primary schools

Caterlink was one of the first catering companies to pilot free school meals in 2009, served to Catering Mark Standards

Silver Catering Mark meals in Kirklees Schools

Plymouth was the first in-house local authority caterer in England to achieve Gold for all schools

ISS Education has seen a 50% increase in school meal uptake since achieving Gold for schools in Merton. They have also achieved Bronze for secondary schools in Bristol.

The Farm Kitchen provides 4000 Gold Standard meals daily to nurseries and schools in Lincolnshire


Edge Hill University in Lancashire has a Bronze and Silver award, with plans for upgrading to Gold, all achieved without price increases

Nottingham Trent's Silver Catering Mark has led to an increase in customer numbers, repeat visits and meals sold

Catering Mark holder Swansea have been working to reduce their food waste

Hospitals and care settings

Bristol NHS Trust, Silver award-holders for patient and staff and visitor meals

BMI The Park Hospital, Nottingham achieves Bronze

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust have achieved the Bronze Catering Mark through ISS Healthcare

Nottingham University Hospital Trust is the first hospital to achieve the Gold award

As well as serving Catering Mark meals in their schools, Pride Catering achieved Silver for their nursing home, Whitgift House

St Joseph's Hospital are serving Bronze standard meals to patients; the first Welsh hospital to achieve the award

South Lanarkshire is the first council in the UK to achieve the Catering Mark for thier community meals service

Milestones Trust has achieved Bronze for Humphry Repton House

Restaurants and venues

Encore Hospitality Services has achieved Gold for Emirates Arena - the first UK leisure facility to serve Catering Mark meals

Copper Box Arena Cafe - at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - is now serving Bronze Standard meals through caterer Centerplate

The At-Bristol Cafe has become a flagship for caterer Elior's wider business, serving Silver standard meals to customers

Centerplate has achieved Silver for Bristol City Football Club - the first stadium in England to achieve the Catering Mark

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