No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than organic farms working to our standards. Our organic standards use the EU organic regulation as their baseline, but in many cases our standards are more robust.

From time to time, we hold public consultations on our standards. We encourage you to get involved and participate in these consultations.

Here is the current version of the standards relevant to farming and growing:

Farming and growing standards

New as of January 2016 - revised standards for:

If you are a feed manufacturer the standards you need to comply with are chapters 40 and 41 contained in the food and drink standards, and standards 10.13.37 and 10.13.38 in the farming and growing standards.

Forestry and timber standards

Supporting documents

Useful links

Symbol use

The symbol application is controlled through specific guidelines provided in chapter two of our organic standards. We have provided a comprehensive summary of these guidelines.

image "We have a business to run but we also believe that we have a duty of care for our community, our animals and our environment."
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