Steps to certification

We offer an experienced and personal service throughout each stage of the certification process - but going organic is more straightforward than you might think with just three key steps.

1. Application

Talk through the process with a member of our friendly team, who will send you an information pack. Our information packs include all you need to apply, including a guide to certification, details of our fees and an example of our contract.

    * Contact our team
    * Download an application pack
    * Soil Association Certification contract example [PDF, 159 KB]

2. Inspection

When we’ve received your application, we’ll arrange an inspection of your operation. After the inspection, your inspector will give you a detailed report and an action summary form outlining any areas where standards have yet to be met. If applying from outside the UK, your action summary form will be sent from your allocated certification officer (CO).

3. Certification

Your CO will then ask you to agree any corrective actions from your action summary form or provide further information for approval. Once completed, your certification officer will issue your first certificate.

We aim to make the process of certification as straightforward as possible, you will need to allow 8-12 weeks from your date of application to the completion of the process.

More information about the certification process and our procedures is available on request, so please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

image "I arrived at the bare field of Primrose farm in 1985, gained the Soil Association symbol in 1986 and began farming organically to assess whether I could disprove the view of the time that organics could not achieve high output or superior quality."...
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