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The Soil Association charity wrote some of the world’s first organic standards, long before the EU organic regulations were drafted. Soil Association Certification is the wholly owned certification body of the Soil Association charity and we have been certifying since 1973 and are the largest UK organic certification body. By choosing to become certified with Soil Association Certification you will benefit from our wealth of experience in all aspects of inspection and certification.

Trusted standards

Wherever you see the Soil Association charity organic symbol you can be sure that food has been produced to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.

The Soil Association charity's standards exceed the EU organic regulations minimum requirements in many areas, but particularly in relation to animal welfare, GM and the use of pesticides. The standards cover everything from barley to beef, chocolate to coffee and state what is allowed and not allowed in the production of our food. But the standards apply to more than food - they also cover:

    * Shops and other retailers
    * Restaurants, bars and cafes
    * Health and beauty products
    * Clothing and textiles
    * Gardening products like composts
    * Timber and wood products
    * Ethical Trade

The most trusted and recognised organic symbol in the UK

Over 70% of organic products in Britain carry the Soil Association charity symbol and it has gained the trust, respect and confidence of consumers and producers across the globe.


Any surplus income is gift-aided to the Soil Association charity to raise awareness, develop and safeguard the entire organic sector. The Soil Association charity is involved in a range of activities from lobbying government, handling media stories, organising events, running campaigns and sponsoring academic research into the benefits of organic food and farming. By becoming a Soil Association Certification licensee you are actively supporting all the work they do to help and promote the organic sector.
Support and information

Whether you’re a farmer, a food manufacturer or a formulator, we can provide you with a range of useful technical information, put you in touch with buyers and suppliers and keep you up to date with the latest marketing opportunities.

A practical service

Our experience and knowledge has helped us to develop a practical and straightforward certification service. Our trade and producer team in the Charity can guide you through the application process and once you’re certified, a dedicated certification officer will help you manage and maintain your organic licence. This team and other departments in the Charity can also offer you additional support and information on everything from technical issues to marketing opportunities.

Other schemes

As well as organic certification, we offer a range of other industry approved schemes which can be completed at the same time as your organic inspection, such as Farm Assurance and BRC.

image "The sustainability of any endeavour or concept depends on organic principles, yin and yang, movement and rest. The same applies to agriculture. No rules, no game."
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