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Emma Reinhold, Trade Relations Manager

Emma Reinhold is Trade Relations Manager for health & beauty and textiles at the Soil Association, focusing on the business development, relationship management and marketing of both sectors. She has over a decade of experience in the beauty and fashion industry, most recently working as the editor of a leading international trade beauty publishing group.

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Emma Reinhold

Michelle Ames, Senior Certification Officer

Michelle works as a Senior Certification Officer for the food, health and beauty and textiles sectors. Michelle graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Public Health Nutrition. Before joining Soil Association in 2009, she worked in the food industry as a home economist, lab assistant and NPD assistant.

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Michelle Ames

Maarten van Perlo, Specialist Certification Officer

Maarten studied social cultural work, had a variety of jobs including working on a small holding, organic farm, ran an organic box scheme and as quality control and production supervisor for an organic herb and spice importer and processor. He joined Soil Association Certification in 2000. His current role is specialist certification officer working in the health and beauty care and fresh produce sector.

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Maarten van Perlo

Hannah Turner

Hannah joined Soil Association Certification in 2006 from one of the major supermarkets in the UK, where she was working as a management trainee. Previous to that she attended the Royal Agricultural College studying Food and Agriculture business management and Bristol University studying Pathology and Microbiology. Since joining Hannah has held various roles including processing certification officer and in 2014 became Operations Director for Soil Association Certification. Having grown up on a dairy farm, processing milk to ice cream, Hannah has always been passionate about the countryside, agriculture and the food industry. Having just returned to work after starting a family she is balancing work, a young child the challenges of her new role and the exciting opportunities that a growing organic market are throwing her way.

Hannah Turner 
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