Steps to certification

We have more than 38 years' of experience certifying products within the organic sector. Our specialist experts and friendly staff are available throughout the process and aim to make certifying your products with us as simple as possible.

Initial queries

It is as important to us, as it is to you, to ensure you understand as much as possible about the process of certification and what our standards require. Before deciding whether to certify your products with us, we would always recommend speaking to one of our health & beauty team who can be contacted on 0117 914 2406 or by email at Please ask for one of the following people:


When ready, please complete and submit an application pack and send through any product information. For single ingredient products (eg. Essential oils, carriers oils, etc) we require completed product specification forms known as Single Ingredient Product Specification (SIPS). For products where you are combining two or more ingredients, we require completed specifications known as Multiple Ingredient Product Specification forms (MIPS). We also need to be able to review your labels against our standards. If you have these available, then please send them through. If you are in the process of developing them, our labelling guide is an excellent tool to ensure your labels meet our requirements

Product information and label review

We will review the information submitted and you will be allocated your own dedicated Certification Officer (CO) to guide you through the application process. Your designated CO will remain your point of contact and help maintain your licence when it is issued.

We have our own direct numbers, but if your designated CO is unavailable, you will be put through to another member of the team to help with any queries. Our aim is to review all information within a 5 day period. If you have any specific time constraints, please let us know and we will do everything we can to meet your targets.


One of our inspectors will phone you to arrange to visit your premises to review your manufacturing process, equipment and procedures. Each of our inspectors is highly qualified and has many years of working with applicants and licensees in the organic sector. Rather than be daunted by the process, we would encourage you to take advantage of this and make the most of the opportunity that your inspection provides.

Post inspection and getting your organic licence

After your inspection, we will require completion of an Action Summary Form (ASF). This document details any application requirements that have been highlighted at your inspection. As well as this, we will also need to approve at least 1 product specification and label to be able to issue your organic certificate.

Your continuing relationship with Soil Association Certification

We are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with all areas of the organic and particularly the health & beauty sector. Any standards update will be sent out through our licensee newsletter, Certification News, which you will receive on a quarterly basis. Equally, if you are looking for ingredients, suppliers or simply just wanting to share one of your success stories, please treat us as your first port of call. 

More information about the certification process and our procedures is available on request, so please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

image "Organic status has been my choice to guarantee to our customers that we are using the best ingredients in order to create products without any harmful chemicals to promote health and wellbeing, safeguarding the environment."
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