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02 October 2015

See the new placements in the Future Growers Programme available for next year

Great day out at Rjik Zwaan

30 September 2015

Thanks to all our farmers and growers that hosted farm walks this year, as always we’ve been inspired and impressed by the range and quality of organic production in our network. There’s usually a real mix of local friends, new growers thirsting for...

Important information about organic standards review

30 September 2015

We’re updating our organic standards to make them as straightforward, practical and transparent as possible. We want our standards to have the maximum impact with the minimum hassle for licensees.

Important notice regarding applying for organic Conversion and Management options in England

28 September 2015

It has been brought to our attention that there is no space on the Countryside Stewartship application form to put in organic Management options as a follow on from Conversion options. I.e., you can only apply for one or the other as the form only a...

Autumn - watch out for liver fluke in your animals

28 September 2015

Sara Ogborne, Certification Officer within the Producer Certification team, tells us more about this dreaded parasite and what you can do to manage its impact.

No early basic payments

23 September 2015

After rumours that there could be early payments or advances made of the Basic payment to help with easing the cash flow difficulties being experienced on many UK farms it is not going to happen. RPA England, Welsh Government, Scottish Government an...

Growth in organic sales doubles presenting new opportunities for brands and retailers

15 September 2015

New figures released from the Soil Association today reveal steady growth in organic sales since August 2014 whilst sales of non-organic continue to fall (Nielsen, 52 weeks to 15 August 2015). Sales continue to outperform non-organic and the number ...

Soil Association Forestry Celebrates FSC Friday in Bristol's Bearpit

15 September 2015

In celebration of FSC Friday, the Soil Association’s Forestry team will be in the Bearpit to raise awareness on the importance of responsible forestry. On Friday 25 September between 10am and 3pm, the team will be explaining how we can create a bett...

Government promise to cut red tape, with your help

14 September 2015

Business secretary Sajid Javid has said his department will review not only the rules and regulations that dominate the farming sector but the way they are enforced, and is appealing to farmers to contact them with ideas.

Organic Your September with a free organic breakfast in Bristol’s Bearpit

08 September 2015

This Organic September Bristol based charity, the Soil Association and Bearpit Social are making it easier for you eat and live healthier, and make one small change this September. On 24th September, from 7.30am, the Organic Bike to Work Breakfast i...
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