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Save our soils! New report outlines 7 ways farmers and the Government can help rebuild British soil and protect UK farming industry

05 February 2016

The Soil Association is releasing a new document calling on policy makers and farmers to do their bit to protect UK soils. In 2014 researchers estimated that the country will only see 100 more harvests if soil loss and degradation continues at its c...

Over 50% of English primary schools now serve Catering Mark standard food

03 February 2016

Over half of all primary schools in England are serving food that is ethical, sustainable, free from controversial additives and meets School Food Standards – thanks to the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark. It’s a huge step towards imp...

New Soil Association Certification webinar reveals why values driven sourcing is good for business

02 February 2016

Soil Association Certification’s first ever free webinar specifically for suppliers will discuss how ethical sourcing can help improve their business. The Food for Life Catering Mark runs a successful Supplier Scheme, giving suppliers a chance to up...

Monsanto’s Glyphosate now most heavily used weed-killer in history - nearly 75% of all Glyphosate ever sprayed on crops used in the last 10 Years

02 February 2016

A new paper published today in Environmental Sciences Europe confirms there has been a dramatic increase in the total volume of glyphosate applied to crops across the world. The paper, Trends in glyphosate herbicide use in the United States and glob...

Soil Association launches new aquaculture standards

01 February 2016

Today, 1 February 2016, the Soil Association launches its new updated standards for organic aquaculture and seaweed, the first to be released from a wider standards review. These standards feature higher requirements than EU regulation in certain ar...

Fee structure change - from April 2016

27 January 2016

Soil Association Certification is changing its fee structure from April 2016. We know how important it is to support the farmers and growers producing organic food in the UK and our pricing structure in the past few years has echoed this. We kept an...

Scotland launches new organic action plan

27 January 2016

Today the Scottish Organic Forum launched Organic Ambitions, the new organic action plan for Scotland.

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) Statements

27 January 2016

Farmers in England and Wales need to check their Basic Payment Scheme Statements carefully when they receive them. In Wales if you have received your payment check your statement carefully which is available on-line from Rural Payments Wales (RPW) w...

Changes to the handling of producer permission requests

20 January 2016

Over the past few months we have been required by Defra to introduce some changes to the way we process requests: to bring in up to 40% non-organic breeding females, bring in non-organic poultry, the renewal or reconstitution of a herd or flock and,...
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