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For its Inzolia 'Era' 2011, Cantine Volpi

Company profile

Inzolia 'Era'Vinceremos Organic Wines have been importing organic wines since 1985, and their list has grown almost exponentially since then and they now list over 300 organic wines from all the major producing regions of the world (and some of the minor!).

A short background to the winning product

Inzolia ‘Era’ is an easy-drinking new wave Italian white from the hills of Western Sicily that offers very flexible drinking and great value for money. Our Judges said the Inzolia has a “lovely aroma with beguiling length and freshness.”

What does organic mean to you?

Jem Gardener of Vinceremos Organic Wines says, “Is there a choice except organic? I can’t imagine choosing to work with anything else. My personal feeling is that whilst in many respects I like to live in the present when it comes to the future of our soil and ultimately our planet there’s a responsibility to support those who are working with the land in the most sustainable way. Of course organic wine first and foremost needs to be high quality and these two beauties show that it really can be.”

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