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For its 100% Organic Stoneground Wholemeal flour

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Green's Mill & Science Centre - The MillGreen’s Mill was built in 1807 by a Nottingham baker for his son, George Green, who subsequently went on to develop a mathematical tool used today by physicists and mathematicians all over the world. After falling into dereliction, the mill was burnt out in 1947 and left an empty shell. The Physics Department of Nottingham University were instrumental in buying the mill and handing it over to Nottingham City Council, who restored it to working order in 1986 as a memorial to George Green.

Since then it has been producing wholemeal flour and the range of products has gradually increased. In 1999 the mill went completely organic. The mill and its neighbouring Science Centre has been open to the public and visitors can see grain being turned into flour.

Until May of this year, Green’s Mill had no auxiliary source of power. If the wind didn’t blow they could not make flour and frequently ran out during long spells of calm weather ! Now they a have a set of electrically driven millstones and the plan is, in the next few months to connect up a generator running on reused vegetable oil to produce the electricity to run the auxiliary mill when needed.

Green’s Mill is presently in transition from being run by the City Council, to being run by a charitable trust. It is dedicated to involvement in the local community, an inner city area, by activities emphasizing the link between diet and health and educating children about where their food comes from.

A short background to the winning product

Green’s Mill produces seven kinds of organic flour. The two most popular are stoneground wholemeal flour and stoneground white. The others are, stoneground brown, stoneground wholemeal Spelt, stoneground white Spelt and stoneground medium oatmeal. The judges said this flour has an “intriguing colour” and a “nice nutty flavour” which impressed the judges.

All the grains, except for the oats in the oatmeal, come from one farm, Hungary Lane Farm at Sutton Bonnington, 11 miles away.

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