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In the early eighties Taifun started off as a courageous little group of Tofu makers in Freiburg. 25 years later, Tofu - the true master of culinary metamorphosis - still plays the lead role at their company. Now as then all products are manufactured traditionally and based on their own recipes.

A short background to the winning product

The secret of Taifun Tofu Basil? Its unique flavor, which is achieved through various means. First of all through the careful selection of the basil which is cultivated exclusively for Taifun by two organic contract farmers in Germany and Italy. They do not simply use tried but thoroughly fermented basil. By fermenting the basil leaves over several months they develop their delicate aroma which gives our Tofu Basil its unique Mediterranean pesto flavour.

For the traditional Italian fermentation process the basil leaves are not harvested until their content of essential oil has reached its optimum. Once they have developed their full aroma, they are gently wilted, cut up and soaked in olive oil and sea salt for several months. Finely sliced and combined with sun ripe tomatoes and a balsamic dressing – a perfect antipasti or summer salad.

Taifun has been organic right from the start. With mega-farms, genetic engineering gaining ground it is all the more Taifun - Tofu Basil with tomatoimportant to commit to organic farming and thus to diversity in agriculture, healthy soils and reduced environmental impacts.

Taifun is actively involved in the quality of raw materials and the context of their production. This is an important prerequisite for quality and GMO-free products. Understanding what it takes to grow high quality organic crop, vegetables or herbs creates confidence and respect - for all the endeavors that have been made in cultivation as well as for the forces of nature. Taifun is involved in every aspect of Tofu production from the breeding of the soya beans right through to the production of the finished Tofu product.

To find out more visit www.taifun-tofu.de/en

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