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Grow Wild Limited - Organic Seville Orange MarmaladeGrow Wild is all about organic, and was established in 1998 and has grown from a very small operation (run from a spare room in an Edinburgh flat), to a company delivering to customers throughout central Scotland. Grow Wild’s founder, Lindsay Girvan was brought up on fantastic home-cooked real food and healthy whole foods. This embedded in Lindsay a love of great tasting ingredients, and together with a concern for environmental issues, and a desire to offer a service that she herself would want to use, led to Grow Wild being created.

Over the years, the Grow Wild team has worked strongly with local organic growers and suppliers to enable them to offer a fantastic range of produce to their customers.

A short background to the winning product

Lindsay has been planning for some time on diversifying Grow Wild. This process started last year with putting farm land and an orchard into organic conversion, so that the local produce available through Grow Wild couldn’t be any more local!

This year, using a well-used family recipe, Lindsay finally decided to embark on her quest to establish a fantastic preserves brand by making her Organic Seville Orange Marmalade at Bonnytoun Farm, Linlithgow.

Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without marmalade as far as Lindsay is concerned, and so this seemed a good place to start with the preserve-making. Lindsay knows that at the heart of all fabulous food is the best of ingredients, and her marmalade certainly contains these. The organic nature of the wonderfully natural produce used in her marmalade is what gives it its flavour, texture, and perhaps that something extra.

Lindsay is more than delighted to have scooped the award for the sweet preserves category in this year’s awards and is now working on other soft fruit recipes…. and a bigger kitchen.

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Try Grow Wild's Seville Orange Chicken using their Seville Orange Marmalade

Runners up in the sweet preserves category

  • Highly Commended - Daylesford for their Strawberry & Vanilla jam
  • Highly Commended and Commended by Consumers - Waitrose for their Duchy from Waitrose Damson Jam

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