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3V Natural Foods - Meridian Organic Almond ButterMeridian has been a stalwart brand in healthfood shops for more than a decade offering a wide range of store cupboard ingredients, speciality lines and free-from choices.

The Meridian selection of nut and whole seed butters is a big success story. Over recent years people have deepened their understanding of how nuts can play a positive role in healthy living. Packed with essential fats and micro-nutrients, whole seeds and nuts are now seen as super-foods.

A short background to the winning product

The Meridian range has been well placed to capitalise upon this growing interest in nuts, not least because our nut butters are a hassle-free way to access their natural goodness.

Wanting to build upon the broad appeal of peanut butter and developing similar products from other nuts and seeds was the logical extension. Meridian Organic Almond Butter’s wonderful simplicity is key to its gorgeous taste. Nothing but a pinch of sea salt is added; it’s 99.5% organic almonds. Meridian Organic Almond Butter is delicious spread on hot granary toast or a warm bagel. It can also be used in lots of cake and pudding recipes. Try it in muffins to give them a sweet, nutty edge.

Meridian say “Our commitment to organic sourcing and production remains strong and we know that the demand across Britain is growing. Over the past few years several British athletes have contacted us to say how much they love our Organic Almond Butter and the role it plays in their training and performance nutrition. Its organic simplicity instantly reassures athletes that it is good for them to eat and we’re delighted to be fuelling their sporting aspirations.”

To find out more visit www.meridianfoods.co.uk

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