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Life for Hambleden Herbs began back in 1982 on an organic herb farm in the small village of Hambleden in the Oxfordshire countryside. In 1985 their dried herb range was launched and at the time was the only certified organic range of dried herbs in the UK.

Interest in organic ingredients increased demand soon outstripped available supply from the farm and the business had to look further afield to secure supply of top quality, certified, organic ingredients. This resulted in a new focus for the business, and a new company being set up to specialise in the sourcing and importing of raw materials. Although the two businesses now operate separately, they continue to use some of the same suppliers that they did 30 years ago, and still call on the wealth of expertise and knowledge of their old partner.

Today Hambleden Herbs continues to hold true to its values of Purity, Vitality and Integrity, using them to inspire new blends of teas, herbs and spices that will excite and awaken your senses.

A short background to the winning product

A Russian favourite, Khmeli Suneli is terrific as an all-purpose cooking and seasoning mix, popularly used on soups.

Hambleden Herbs say “Our inspiration for this new addition to our Blends range came from a colleague recently back from a trip to St Petersburg and Moscow. When he was back in our office we perfected our recipe using only organic ingredients in the development kitchen on the farm here in Wiltshire, closely matching an old Russian recipe, and tested it with Russian ex-pats who loved it. Comments such as “it reminds me off home cooking when in Russia” came back to us. We are delighted to win this award from The Soil Association when it was judged alongside such a wonderful selection of quality organic food."

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