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Viridian Nutrition - Viridian Nutrition Raw Organic Coconut OilViridian is an unusual vitamin company, to say the least. As well as supplements from Acidophilus to Zinc, Viridian includes nutritional foods within the 180+ range such as the delicious Organic Raw Coconut Oil. With culinary, skincare and nutritional benefits, this is a truly multipurpose jar. With more than 40% of the Viridian Nutrition range Soil Association certified including organic vitamins, minerals, herbs and topicals, this British, family-owned company is a hit with its health food store stockists.

Viridian Nutrition was born in 1999, founded on two fundamental principles; to create an exceptional range of food supplements and to make a significant contribution to children’s and environmental charities. To date, the company has donated in excess of £126,000 to charities including the NSPCC, UNICEF, Woodland Trust and Friends of the Earth. The beneficiary charities are chosen by Viridian’s health store stockists each year and also include some smaller local charities.

“Organic is at the heart of what Viridian does,” explains founder Cheryl Thallon. “The health of the individual and the health of the planet are inextricably linked. Growing ingredients without the use of artificial fertilisers and other chemicals is better for wildlife, and better for the long-term health of us all.”

As an independent company, Viridian is almost unique in the conglomerate-dominated vitamin industry. “The way we spend our hard-earned cash can make a real difference - ethical shoppers are turning their backs on the giant pharmaceutical companies and embracing natural healthcare companies with a heart and a conscience,” says Cheryl.

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Try Viridian Nutrition's Coconut Curry using their Raw Organic Coconut Oil.

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