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Luscombe Organic Drinks - Sicilian LemonadeBased on a farm in deepest Devon, all Luscombe drinks are finely crafted, starting with the best ingredients that can be found. Sourcing is the focus of considerable time and energy. Luscombe works directly with small groves and orchards around the world. This ensures the fruit grows in the right climate and is harvested at the right point of its maturity.

All this is part of the detail that goes into each bottle. By building long-term relationships with growers and paying the right price, the best of their crop is guaranteed. Our judges described this lovely lemonade as ‘fresh, light and not too sweet or too sharp… the blend is near perfect”.

A short background to the winning product

Hand-made in small batches, each has subtle variations depending on a season’s weather conditions. The drinks often come with sediment, evidence of their authentic, minimally processed nature; you will not find additives, concentrates or enhancers of any kind.

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