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For its South Devon Organic Beef

Company profile

Higher Hacknell Farm - Organic BeefFor over 25 years Tim and Jo have been farming organically, rearing South Devon Beef cattle and Lleyn sheep at Higher Hacknell, a 300 acre upland farm in secluded North Devon with spectacular views towards both Dartmoor and Exmoor. Back in the 80s, they believed that organic farming made good sense and their desire to work in a sustainable and welfare friendly way, using local breeds to produce healthy food that tastes good is as relevant now and in the future as it ever was.

A short background to the winning product

‘We’re really proud of our herd of South Devons’ says Tim, ‘each one is born and raised here at Higher Hacknell, slaughtered locally, and brought back to our farm butchery’. ‘I think there’s nothing better than traditional local breeds for flavoursome meat, but South Devons are special. Should I admit that my choice had something to do with the fact that their coats were the same colour as Jo’s hair?’

The beef is well hung and each cut carefully prepared in their farm butchery to order with Jo managing the online sales. Now their organic meat is delivered to hundreds of households as well as supplying the River Cottage canteens. It all began from them simply wanting to produce their own food, vegetables from the garden, cider from the orchard and meat from their own animals. This beef was described by our judges as ‘Lovely, very good quality with an explosion of flavour’.

To find out more visit www.higherhacknell.co.uk or if you are a Soil Association member See Higher Hacknell’s Organic Connect offer and claim a free taster pack of their wares. You can also try Higher Hacknell's Beef Provencal using its South Devon Organic Beef.

Runners up in the beef category

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