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Macaroni Farm - LambsSam Phillips, partner of Macaroni Farm says ‘The Phillips family first became tenants of the farm in 1891 when my Great Grandfather, Samuel, took over the tenancy and management of the farm. My father, Charles, then took over the farm in 1976, which further expanded in 2000 to its current area of 1,700 acres. Both my father and I are partners in the business however I spend the majority of my time developing and marketing our organic produce under our brand ‘Macaroni Farm’. All our animals and land have been farmed extensively and organically since 1997.

A short background to the winning product

Macaroni Farm believes in only producing the best quality produce and highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare. Creating a natural and healthy environment for their animals is all part of this. Their flock of 900 pedigree Lleyn ewes were recently awarded the regions ‘Champion Flock’ by the Lleyn Sheep Society. They thrive on the organic grasses, legumes and clover pastures where they graze which they believe contributes enormously to the quality of the meat and the depth of flavour it has now become renowned for.

The direct meat sales enterprise is still in its early days but they are growing steadily. All their hard work seems to have paid off as they are receiving some fantastic recognition and praise from some very distinguished chefs, ‘foodies’ and organisations. Sam adds, “In my opinion a Macaroni Farm Organic Leg of Lamb perfectly showcases our lamb as a whole. It shows that the conformation and fat content has been carefully considered before the animal was taken to slaughter. We try to be extremely consistent in this area so we know we are selling only the very best graded produce to our customers. We supply either butchered whole or half a lamb, to order, direct from the farm. The butchery can be tailored to meet individual requirements and all meat is delivered or collected fresh. We are whole chain assured, meaning that we are independently verified and our environmental standards are of the highest order. This also applies for the abattoir and butchers we use. All animals can be traced from ‘field to fork’ and we personally care for and transport all our animals.”

Our judges agreed this lamb was ‘Buttery and creamy with a delicious skin.’ It was also ‘Very tender with a length of flavour!’

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