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Piercebridge Farm - Harry and his hensHarry Hodgson, founder of Piercebridge Farm eggs explain how the company began:
‘Harrys eggs started in 1992 when Harry was six years old, he asked for some hens for his birthday. At the age of six Harry set up an honesty box in the farmhouse porch selling the eggs he didn’t eat for his breakfast. Now we have a farm shop rather than an honesty box and supply many other shops and home delivery schemes. The ethics that Harry started with as a six year old haven’t changed over the years. The hens still live in small colonies below the regulatory level.

The farm began its conversion into organic production in 1999. This all came about as Harry received a message from his feed supplier informing him that the hen food now may contain GM ingredients. The only way he could guarantee he wasn't feeding his hens GM feed was to buy organic hen food. This then started the family looking at their production methods across the whole farm more closely and we decided that the most sustainable and ethical method of farming for the future was organically. Organic production means a lot to the business as they farm 100% organically and have a farm shop and cafe which sells only organic products, most of which are produced on the farm.

A short background to the winning product

Harry's passion for his hens and his own high standards means that you get an egg from a commercial flock like no other. Still to this day the hens live in small colonies not in one large house. This reduces stress and means they can all access the organic pastures more freely, meaning the hen is much happier and lays a much tastier egg! Having more houses than necessarily required does increase costs but they are driven by animal welfare and the production of the highest quality product possible.

To find out more visit www.riverford.co.uk

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