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Gilchesters Organics - Original Spelt BiscuitsGilchesters organics is a family business run by Husband and wife, Andrew and Sybille Wilson in Northumberland. Gilchesters has been an organic farm since 2002. The farm has a herd of rare breed White Galloway beef cattle and acres of rare breed cereals.

Andrew and Sybille were pioneers in the re-establishment of old cereal varieties into UK organic agriculture during this time and have specialised from the start in the production of spelt, Emmer, Einkorn and heritage wheats for baking flours with outstanding flavours and texture.

These varieties are at the heart of the milling business at Gilchesters, producing baking quality grains on the farm in Northumberland.

A short background to the winning product

The sun does not always shine at harvest time! In 2008 the weather was particularly unkind and the baking quality in the spelt was, unfortunately not up to scratch. So they milled the grains as biscuit flour and it wasn’t long before they were producing their own range of Gilchesters Spelt biscuits. Opportunity out of adversity.

The judges thoroughly enjoyed these biscuits with their “lovely, very crisp, taste” as well them “all looking different and individual.”

What does organic mean to you?

Gilchesters Organics - Original Spelt Biscuits with CheeseGilchesters Organics elaborate ‘We have a choice, all of us, as to how we live and use the resources around us. For some it is not important. For others, like ourselves it is very important. We produce grains and beef in such a way that the soils are naturally replenished, the biodiversity and wildlife is abundant. The landscape breathes, the rivers flow clear and we live within the virtuous cycle we have adopted. It would be arrogant to suggest that we have created this, because of course this is the way nature has evolved and works best. We have merely slipped into the annual cycle that harvests the best of our natural resources. I ask you: ‘What could be better, or simpler.’’

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