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The Booja-Booja Company is a thriving business selling organic Chocolate Truffles and Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream throughout the UK and Europe, and Japan and Australia.

It began 18 years ago when Colin Mace began making truffles in his kitchen at home; experimenting with flavours and exciting ingredient combinations. The business did well and soon outgrew the domestic set up, prompting a move, in 1998, to small industrial premises near the village of Hempnall in Norfolk. The success of this initial business gave the confidence and know-how to develop the vision further. After several years of research, product development and frustration, finally a range of chocolate truffles that were not only delicious but also organic and dairy free manifested. For the first time delicious, organic, dairy free truffles were launched into the world... and so The Booja-Booja Company was born.

A short background to the winning product

Their intense, rich, dark Raspberry Ecuadorian truffles were launched in 2008. They are organic, raw, made without refined sugars and dairy, soya and gluten free. One Raspberry truffle is an invitation to surrender to a half hour of sensory experience (if you wish).

Our judges stated the Ecuadorian chocolates were ‘very fragrant and floral’ with an ‘extraordinary… very intense’ flavour.

What does organic mean to you?

They believe that organic farming offers a more benign and sustainable living and working environment for their wide range of ingredient growers around the world. And that, along with the many other attributes of their products, organic ingredients help to offer profound pleasure to customers in a more health friendly way.

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