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Rude Health's Morning Glory PorridgeThe company say about themselves, ‘Rude Health isn’t afraid of punching above its weight. We're a young British company on a mission to make great tasting healthy food and revolutionise the nation’s eating habits, one meal at a time. All Rude Health foods are made with the best quality ingredients and contain no refined sugars or additives.'

About Morning Glory Porridge, they say 'Once there was a perfect porridge. Its oatmeal was smooth and its oats were jumbo. One day it met a blend of barley, rye and quinoa flakes. They seemed made for each other, then they hooked up with some sesame, pumpkin and poppy seeds and the whole thing became complex and utterly delicious. Our award winning Morning Glory porridge containing a nutritious blend of 5 grains and 5 seeds is a breakfast worth waking up for.’

The judges liked the texture and the variety of ingredients of this porridge.

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