Comment: CAP vote in EU Parliament

14 March 2013

Detailed voting took place on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the European Parliament on the 13th March. For the first time, the whole parliament voted on over 1,000 amendments put forward by the Agriculture committee which were broadly supported.




MEPs voted to keep basic greening measures (though these have been watered down), cap payment levels over 300,000 euros and have said that direct payments should go only to ‘active farmers,’ along with a range of other issues.

Emma Hockridge, Head of Policy, said: "We are pleased that the parliament has voted for some measures to support organic farmers but in general the voting does not move us significantly towards an ambitious reform of the CAP which supports sustainable farming systems and the green economy.

The agreed position will now serve as a negotiating text for the European Parliament to debate with Member States and the European Commission before the three institutions agree on the final reform package around the middle of the year. The new CAP is expected to enter into force in 2015.

For further detail on what the vote means for organic farmers please see the IFOAM EU statement



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