Biochar Event: More than just a soil additive! Thursday 29th August, Peeblesshire

07 August 2013

Whitmuir Farm at Lamancha, West Linton in the  Scottish Borders is involved in two projects trialling biochar, looking at its effectiveness as a soil additive, and looking at its effect on pig liveweight gain when used as a feed additive.

This afternoon event (3--6pm) will look at both of these trials and hear from the experts involved, as well as the practicalities of finding source material and making biochar on farm. We will also look at other points of innovation on the farm including the potential for a micro-hydro scheme, and how trees and shelterbelts are being used to provide shelter for crops and livestock as well as mitigate flooding. Cake and refreshments will be provided from the Whitmuir Kitchen.

Organic catch up and cake (2--3pm)
Before this event the Soil Association’s Head of Horticulture Ben Raskin will be on hand (with cake!) for a catch-up and a chat with any organic farmers, or anyone interested in converting to organic, This provides a chance to hear what is happening on the farm and to find out if there is anything we can do to help you, as well as share a bit more on what we’re doing at Soil Association Scotland, and in the Scottish Organic Forum.

The event is free of charge to primary producers, and £60.00 plus VAT to others. Please note that places are limited as group size will be restricted, therefore booking is required. Download a booking form here.

For further information please call Colleen on 0131 666 2474 or email

This programme is supported by the SRDP Skills Development Scheme, Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme, Forestry Commission Scotland and Zero Waste Scotland.

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