Real Nice Organic

For its Real Nice Organic Mango Ice Lolly

Real Nice Organic Mango Ice LollyOur judges said, "Zingy, fresh, lovely texture, should be called Mango and Lime."

Real Nice Organic 100% fruit mango smoothie lolly is a natural and healthy ice lolly made from the whole fruit with nothing else added whatsoever.

Real Nice Organic's founder tells us, "I founded Real Nice Organic to give everyone a choice. It started out of a passion for real food, manufactured in a way that was not harmful to anyone or anything. As a child my parents brought me up macrobiotic, which at the time drove me mad but this gave me an appreciation of my environment and food which has passed through into my business.

"After having my own children I fully understood the meaning of real food. Like most parents I really care about what they eat, I cannot believe what manufactures put into their food. I have put thought and care and quality into what I do.

"The market was saturated with ice lollies full of additives, colouring and chemicals. Even lollies that claimed they 'contain fruit', were made with the smallest quantities that had been sprayed with chemicals and then added with additives! This is why I decided to make natural 100% fruit ice lollies that really are natural.

"I am promoting health by giving everyone the healthy choice of a fruit ice lolly that just contains fruit, the whole fruit and nothing else, no added chemicals through being sprayed or anything else for that matter."

This year Real Nice Organic have sponsored a number of charities promoting health and sport for disadvantaged young people. They strive to ensure that all their packaging is made from recycled cardboard and can itself be recycled.

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