Hampstead Tea & Coffee Company

For its White Leaf Tea

Hampstead Tea & Coffee Company - White Leaf TeaOur judges said, "Subtle, delicate, clean, great after dinner."

This white tea has an unmatched subtlety, complexity and natural sweetness. For this delicate brew only tiny new leaves and buds are carefully handpicked, and dried, leaving the tea fresh and full of healthy antioxidants. With its energising white gold liquor Hampstead Tea Company's White Tea is known for its detoxifying properties and can be drunk at any time.

The Hampstead Tea & Coffee Company's products are certified biodynamic which is a tough rigorous standard to achieve. Their partner estates have been committed to sustainable practices for many years. All villages are provided with biogas for cooking and heating to save the forests, so leaves  are used for mulch and compost. Communities are provided with healthcare and education and the women are encouraged to make decisions as to how resources are allocated. All packaging is biodegradable and no metal staples are used in the tea bags or glue in the paper.

Kiran Tawadey, Owner and Founder of Hampstead Tea, comments on their award win; “It is so exciting that we have won this coveted Gold Award at the Organic Food Awards 2013 for our White Leaf Tea.

“It is a great favourite amongst our tea connoisseur customers and the award reflects the many positive comments and feedback we have received. Its distinctive clear liquor and natural sweet taste sets it apart from others and it is a great introduction to the rest of our range, which also delivers on taste and quality.”

To find out more visit www.hampsteadtea.com

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