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For its Big Cat Organic Stout

Big Cat Organic StoutOur judges said, "Fantastic aroma, soft at the end."

Brewing a local beer is one thing, but brewing it using locally grown organic barley really sets it apart. Cotswolds farmers produce amongst the highest quality malting barleys in the UK and Stroud Brewery together with Warminster Maltings are the links in the chain that connect local drinkers with their local farms and the characteristic landscape they create.

Stroud Brewery source all of their malt through Warminster Maltings which trades with the farmers that grow the malting barley. This enables Stroud Brewery to guarantee a malt supply grown on the Cotswolds with a 'Warranty of Origin'. Brewing beer from locally grown organic malt ensures that good practice is adopted from the field to the glass, and that the barley and hop crops grown are not reliant on inputs of fertiliser and pesticide derived from across the globe.

The brewery use local suppliers and services and raised much of their start up finance through interest paying loans from local people. This is one of the reasons why they will not sell their beer through supermarkets, but choose to sell through independent outlets.

At Stroud Brewery they strive to produce great tasting beers using the highest quality local ingredients in a way that is fair, at the least environmental cost and of a truly Cotswolds providence.

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Gold winners in the Beer and Cider category


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