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For its Vacqueyras 'Le Village' Montirius 2012

Vacqueyras 'Le Village' Montirius 2012Our judges said, "Rich, balanced, delightful."

At the vineyard, the pickers join together every morning in 'the circle' in order to greet each other equally, face to face and to share the same energy. This is also done by the office workers as a moment of togetherness.

During spring and summertime the weather is very hot, so work starts early in the morning and stops at noon at the latest. Rather than working under a hot sun 8 hours a day Monday to Friday, work is for 6 hours a day Monday to Saturday. The company pay the same salary as they would for 8 hour days.

The vineyard has connected its cellar to a water purification station, along with the household and office waste water pipes. This enables them not to simply pump the water used to clean the vats onto the land. The company has also worked with a Spanish cork producing company to create and develop a cork which is equally unique for its corking properties as for its respect for the environment. The cork comes from a 100 year old forest has never been treated chemically against insects.

For 12 years they have vinified their wines in cement vats without the use of internal epoxy and ceramic surfaces to avoid the migration of phtalate in their wine. Trees and grass are planted around the vines to create channels for the wild animals and other wildlife which are welcome in the vineyards.

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Gold winners in the Wine and Spirits category

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