Best value for its Carrots

Riverford carrotsOur judges said, "Very nice, liquorice flavour, best of the lot."

The carrots costs £1.70 per 1kg.

Riverford choose our varieties of organic carrots because they taste good, not because they're the longest or straightest and while they may arrive a little muddy, they're worth the washing.

Founded by Guy Watson over 25 years ago, Riverford is a family-ran organic delivery business delivering vegetables, fruit and more to customers across England and South Wales. From the outset, the ambition was to deliver great-tasting organic produce fresh to customers in the most sustainable way possible, with a strong connection between producer and consumer.

As well as farming organically and taking care of the land, Riverford are committed to looking after their suppliers and workers fairly. Delivering to over 40,000 homes each week from their four regional organic farms, Riverford is proof that you can run a growing business without compromising your founding principles.

Riverford is committed to minimising its environmental impact, from the way food is grown through to how it is packed and delivered. Over recent years, they have been working to give this respect for the environment a more rigorous foundation by setting up The Riverford Sustainable Development Project - a two year collaboration with the University of Exeter and the Technology Strategy Board.

Riverford takes ethical business and animal welfare very seriously, both on their own farms and in working with their partners – local and national. No stone is left unturned and all suppliers are checked regularly for quality and their commitment to animal welfare. Meat used in sausages, burgers mince and pies can be traced back to the small farm it came from.

Riverford promotes healthy eating by encouraging people to eat organic and seasonal produce, and cook from scratch. With each delivery customers receive new recipes to inspire them to eat better. Customers can also call the team at our farm for help, or download our iPhone recipe app. Riverford also has a network of cooks across the UK to help inspire people to cook from scratch using a vegbox through community led events and dinner parties.

To find out more visit www.riverford.co.uk


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