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Thinking of going organic?

Organic certification makes good business and environmental sense:

Demand for organic is growing - as revealed in our 2015 Organic Market Report.

You are farming for a sustainable future

The new CAP payments offer good financial opportunities for organic farmers

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We help you go organic – and sell organic

As the UK's leading organic certification body, we offer our licensees a number of exclusive benefits:

1. A truly personal service with a dedicated certification officer and access to our organic farming support team

2. Practical solutions to help improve efficiency and keep costs down such as combined inspections

3. Access to the most trusted and recognised organic symbol - now on over 70% of the organic products in the UK

4. Exclusive opportunities to develop your supply chain and reach new markets through our supplier schemes, events and partners

5. Benefit from our exclusive marketing materials, press coverage and public engagement through campaigns such as Organic September.

6. Get your voice heard as we campaign for farmers on national and EU policy

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