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Thinking of going organic?

There are a number of reasons why going organic makes good sense. In addition to knowing you are farming for a sustainable future, you can also benefit from a growing organic market and opportunities to apply for the new CAP payments and subsidies which are available for organic farmers. Now more than ever is the time to go organic.

All farmers, big or small, organic or not, need to monitor their finances. Many like to glance over the fence to see how their neighbours are coping with changing times. How would I fare if I converted to organic farming? Will the prices cover the costs of production and leave a decent margin? And how will changing CAP payments, volatile input costs, the effects of climate change and emerging export markets change the picture? To help you make these important decisions the Soil Association commissioned an analysis comparing how organic and non-organic farms have fared over the past seven years. This has been supported by the research comparing organic and non-organic yields.

Payment opportunities for organic farmers

The latest information about the new CAP schemes has recently been released by Defra. In the updates you can find detailed guidance to help you apply for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and updated information about the new rural development programme (RDP) which is all part of the reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Trevor Mansfield, Head of Farming & Land Use Policy at the Soil Association said: ‘This is welcome recognition from Defra that organic farming is green by default. With the automatic qualification for the 30% greening element of the Basic Payment Scheme, together with the forthcoming Organic Maintenance and Conversion options (in the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme), being organic will, for example, be worth around £120 per hectare on arable land in England. There has never been a better time for farmers to go organic’.

A growing market

As our 2015 Organic Market report revealed, sales and consumer demand are increasing and more companies than ever are sourcing, supplying and selling products. The UK’s organic market is now worth over £1.7billion with sales increasing by more than 4% for food and drink in 2014. Our licensees are growing even faster than the market, with an average increase in sales of over 7% last year.

We help you go organic – we help you sell organic

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