Why choose us?

Unrivalled service & experience

Soil Association Certification is the wholly owned certification body of the Soil Association charity and we have been certifying since 1973 and are the largest UK organic certification body. We’ve been working on organic textiles for over 10 years, and played a leading role in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which we ¼ own and which Soil Association Certification now certify to. With our long-standing expertise, we offer licensees an unrivalled level of service, technical knowledge and guidance through and beyond the certification process.

Trusted standards

The Soil Association charity wrote some of the world’s first organic standards over 50 years ago. They helped develop the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which was launched in 2006 and which Soil Association Certification now certify to. GOTS is the only internationally recognised organic textile processing standard ensuring organic integrity at every step of the supply chain, from harvesting though production, processing, manufacturing and labelling. GOTS means social and environmental compliance, requiring organically grown fibres, eco-friendly processing and social responsibility throughout manufacture.

Access new markets or convert your supply chain

With around 3000 businesses in 55 countries already certified to GOTS, we can help you source certified fibres, fabrics or finished products. We can guide you or your suppliers through the process of becoming certified. Once licensed, businesses also have access to over 6000 chemical inputs already approved for use in organic textile production.

Dedicated support

All our licensees are allocated a dedicated Certification Officer (CO) to support them through the application and certification process.

Marketing & promotional opportunities

The Trade Support team offer opportunities to help promote your business: sponsorship, access to markets, invitation to and reduced rates for events and trade shows, marketing support, exposure at organic fortnight and more.

Support organics

As we are a not-for-profit business, surplus income is gift-aided to the Soil Association Charity. This means that by becoming a licensee you are actively supporting all the work the Soil Association carries out.

image "I am passionately committed to manufacturing in Wales and to using as much Welsh organic wool as we possibly can."
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