Woodmark win Timber Trade Journal award

26 September 2012


Soil Association Woodmark were the proud winners of the Environmental Achievement of the Year category in this year’s Timber Trades Journal Awards, for the dual Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) Project Certification of the London 2012 Olympic Park.

The award recognised this achievement as the first dual ‘Super’ Project Certification in the world, with Woodmark describing it as a future model for timber procurement globally. Project Certification demonstrates through a traceable ‘chain of custody’, audited at each change of ownership from forest to construction site, that the world’s forests are protected and not diminished by the use of timber.

The Olympic Park 2012 dual Project Certification was the result of a massive Woodmark team effort and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved. We were just one part of an ambitious project that required commitment, collaboration and adaptability from many organisations and individuals: FSC, PEFC, the ODA, main contractor CLM and the many other contractors, who made it all such a resounding success and a world first for joint project certification.

The Olympic themes of legacy and inspiring a generation have been widely mentioned and this award highlights a wider legacy – one with huge potential to benefit the world’s forests and to boost sustainable timber construction everywhere.

A recent WWF report found that only a handful of local authorities and government departments and agencies are really putting policy into practice. So the challenge now is for everyone who is in a position to show leadership in environmental procurement to put certified timber at the heart of every construction project large and small.

The TTJ Award is recognition of the fact that we know it can be done, that the timber industry can deliver the materials needed, and that certification can provide the assurance that policies are fulfilled and forests protected. Let’s do it!

Woodmark would like to congratulate three of our Chain of Custody Certificate Holders for great success in other categories. Namely; International Plywood Ltd. (SA-COC-001305) for Plywood Trader of the Year 2012, John Critchley at W. Howard Ltd. (SA-COC-001335) for the Career Development Award (Under 25s) and Peter Kelly at Howarths Timber Engineered Solutions Ltd (SA-COC-003731) for the Career Development Award (Over 25s).

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