Soil Association Woodmark certifies the first major FSC® commercial Project in the USA

27 February 2013

Soil Association Woodmark is a pioneer in Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Project Certification for sustainable use of timber. Having completed one of the first FSC project certifications in Japan, and building on its certification of the London 2012 Olympics Park, Soil Association Woodmark have now certified the first major commercial FSC Project in the USA, the Bullitt Centre.

Bullitt CentreFSC Project Certification provides third-party, independent assurance that all wood is from responsible sources. Responsibly sourced large commercial buildings across the world are helping pave the way for the ethical future of construction across the world.

More and more, the commercial building industry is looking to wood as a climate-friendly material, and the Bullitt Centre shows it’s possible to build entirely with wood from responsibly managed forests. FSC wood is an excellent renewable resource for commercial buildings, with less environmental impact than concrete, and an incredible sequestering quality. The Bullitt Centre is designed to last for 250 years, locking in tons of carbon in its heavy timber structure.

Peter Melchett, Head of Policy for the Soil Association, comments on the environmental impact:
“Forest Stewardship Council certified wood is a very environmentally friendly building material, especially compared to energy-intensive concrete, and it is great to see it being used in a major commercial building. The wood used in construction locks up carbon for many decades, contributing to combating climate change.”

John White Chief Executive of the Timber Trade Federation comments on future design:
“The Bullitt Centre provides another great example of why wood is the greenest building material known to man, providing all the flexibility a building designer needs, sequestering and locking up carbon for its lifetime, and, by using certified material, ensuring that raw material is available for the next generation of sustainable designers.”

Larry Nall, Lead Auditor comments on the success of the Project:
“The success of the Bullitt Centre is dependent not only on the renewable resources used, but also the excellence and commitment of the construction managers and team supervising the project. The attention to compliance details and overarching enthusiasm for the building itself, created an excellent working environment for certifying the project.”

- Soil Association Woodmark FSC Licence code FSC® A000525:
- The Bullitt Centre:
- The Timber Trade Federation:
- Certification of 2012 Olympic Park: 

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